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December 9, 2021Owens Ooi

How English Could Help You Win in The Workplace? Solutions Provided

English is extremely important wherever you are in the world. It is crucial to have proficiency in all four language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Try to imagine in your workplace:

  • You will have to read the terms stated on the document so that you deal with your client or colleague.
  • You have a dream job that requires outstanding English writing skills: Content Writer, Social Media Specialist, Human Resources Specialist. Even as a YouTuber, you will need to write a lot of interesting content to gain the audience's attention.
  • You have a lot of ideas in your mind that will contribute positively toward the company or even, your self-career development. BUT, you can’t speak proper English or your English is too simple. Eventually, you find it difficult to explain some situations.
  • You have been assigned as one of the executives in the upcoming project which is a good opportunity to demonstrate your strengths. BUT, in the brief meeting, you can’t clearly understand the tasks given, and knowing all of the important information you need to listen to it. In the end, you mixed up.
  • Table of Contents

    1. You need to set realistic targets and goals (Using SMART goals)
    2. Watch, Listen & Interact
    3. Take an English course
    4. Practice as much as you can
    5. Be consistent, take your time to study

    Excellent command of the English language is regarded as one of the most important factors in achieving job success. Maintaining business relationships may be difficult for you if you lack sufficient understanding of how to use and study English or even you will encounter challenges and obstacles if you want to climb the corporate ladder. Knowing and using English in the workplace allows you to express and represent yourself as a strong individual and team player.

    So, what’s next?
    If you really want to use English like an expert, you might need to follow these tips:

    You need to set realistic targets and goals (Using SMART goals)

    Setting targets and goals that you can achieve is crucial when you start to learn English properly. Using SMART goals, set a specific goal and be measurable, for instance:

        ✘ Learn English
        ✓ Able to explain situations and understand foreign colleagues at work.

    You can draw up a checklist: I will listen and understand 20 minutes of a Business-related podcast.

    Next, your goal should be achievable. If you are so busy and you only have a few hours to study, you need to consider small goals, for instance:
         • Spend 20 minutes playing a podcast on Spotify or YouTube
         • Study 2 English articles on English blogs.

    Furthermore, you will need to reflect: Is this goal connected to your own situation?
        • Learn different phrases to prepare a presentation at your workplace.

    Lastly, set a time limit for your goals:
        • Learn 5 phrases every day from January to October.


    Watch, Listen & Interact

    Listen to English podcasts and watch English TV Series anytime, anywhere (when you are free, especially on the weekend), learn from the actors and actresses, the way they communicate. While watching, remember to turn on the English subtitles.

    Take an English course

    You should look for an English course and a good English tutor that teaches you proper English from all aspects like English grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Having a good tutor is like having a good who is enough to show the right path and guidance to the students.

    Practice as much as you can

    Practice makes perfect. Consistent practice is very important to language learning. It is a good start to communicating more English with your colleagues.

    Be consistent, take your time to study

    Plan your study routine , set aside a period a few days a week, to review what you have learned in the scheduled period will ensure you develop good habits that will enable you to succeed in your long-term study plan.

    But remember! never procrastinate in your planned study session.

    Lastly, your decision is also important. It is a long journey to learn a language that you are not familiar with, and it takes time and patience. It is crucial to acknowledge and accept that despite it being immensely difficult for you right now, it will get smoother with sufficient time and effort.

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