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English Club

Love English? Great! You'll love this Club — we've got loads planned.

Whether you are studying for a qualification at school or want to get ahead in your career, our English club is the perfect way to make sure you are prepared.

Why You Should Join English Club?

An English Course For All Levels

Big Ben Academy English Club offer a class dedicated to all levels and organised to all students levels. Our native English teacher will encourage you to speak English confidently and fluently.

We have a very friendly environment where you will have the chance to learn by sharing experiences and helping each other.

Moreover, you will learn English through a range of fun and interactive activities that center around grammatical structures, vocabulary items and idioms, and will also be sent a monthly schedule including dates, times and locations of our regular school activities.

What are the activities for English club?

  • Professional Interview and Meeting Activities
  • Individual/Group Presentations
  • Debates and Discussions
  • Warm Up Games
  • English Language Songs, Movies and more

Course Objective

  • Speaking and Writing Skills
  • Phonetics/ Pronunciation
  • Grammar Tips
  • Professional Series - Meetings, Interview Tips
  • Social English
  • Idioms, Riddle and Games
English Club - Big Ben Academy
  • This level is the first step for every person who hopes to learn and speak English. It’s designed for those who are not native speakers and very limited vocabulary while speaking English.
  • You can use English for everyday tasks and activities. You can also understand common phrases related to topics such as personal information and employment.
  • If you’re already experienced in English, this level will allow you to strengthen your ability to describe things and situations in the conditional and past tenses, develop your speaking skills, and improve your coherence.
  • Designed for our more experienced students, you will continue to learn new words in English and improve your skills in analyzing and understanding structured and coherent texts.

Start Level

All Level

Class Size


Pax Max /class







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Frequently Asked Question: English Club

Our interactive English Club learns in a unique fashion way, and the majority of individuals will bring new discoveries to each other with what has not been introduced

Better than typical classes and English training centre. Are you losing touch on a conversation in the upcoming IELTS oral test?

Then get into the club exchange, you will see where you are and look up to imitate the character you want to be.

  1. Writing and Talking Opportunity
  2. Properties of speech and Accent
  3. A professional line of English Applications - Conferences, Job Guides
  4. Metaphors, Riddles, and Plays in Modern English
  5. Academic case studies from different fields.

Program Module

Coursebook specially
designed by BBC London

Classes held by
CELTA Qualified Native teachers

Interactive lessons

12 students max
per class

Exercise and homework

Education Excursion
for students

Program Timetable

Online Classes Physical Classes
Course Duration 2 Months /level 2 Months /level
Entry Level All Levels All Levels
Minimum Age 16 y/o 16 y/o
Study Hours 1 hour
1 hour
Class Size Average 6 / Maximum 12 Average 6 / Maximum 12
Days Monday to Friday
Monday to Friday