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Everything You Need To Know About IELTS Malaysia

IELTS English preparation course is undoubtedly a need for many individuals nowadays. It is closely tied to the increasing worldwide demands and workforce needs to compete in a larger talents.

This sparks a new trend for which the desire for a common language that unites people increases: English is ultimately recognized as a viable answer. Most individuals desire English fluency and strive to acquire it in various methods in order to speak English as if it were their first language.

Certain regular assessments must be performed in order to be identified as proficient in English. Such examinations are used to determine how good a person's English skills are.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of several standardized evaluations in the form of English examinations. This exam is frequently used as a reference framework and benchmark for determining someone's English competence.

Seeing the differences between American (United States) and the British English (United Kingdom), the forms, culture, slang and more differ enough for a person country may not always understand what someone from the other is saying.

Everything You Need To Know About IELTS Malaysia

Table of Contents

  1. What is IELTS (International English Language Test System)?
  2. What Are The Types of IELTS Tests Available in Malaysia?
  3. How much does IELTS cost in Malaysia?
  4. Why You Should Take IELTS test?
  5. Test Structure of IELTS Malaysia
  6. Is taking the IELTS difficult?
  7. Is IELTS the same as MUET?
  8. How Can You Study for IELTS in Malaysia?
  9. IELTS Malaysia: Frequently Asked Questions

What is IELTS (International English Language Test System)?

IELTS Malaysia

IELTS is a standardized language assessment that is used to determine English competence at 6 defined range of proficiency. From A1 to C2, the IELTS authority will examine the final IELTS score to a set of band widths. A person's evaluation will be determined, your English language skills competence will be officially certified by IELTS worldwide.

Over thousands of organizations rely on IELTS as a credible estimate of actual English communication competence.

It has become a widespread acceptance in the whole wide world, including IELTS Malaysia.

The IELTS preparation course and examination covers all four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The Listening, Reading, and Writing examinations will get tested on the same day, with no recess. 

IELTS was initially introduced in 1989 as a means of standardizing English competence. It exists to assess non-native English speakers' English language capability. IELTS is now overseen by non-departmental institutions and organizations linked with the government of the United Kingdom, namely as the British Council, IDP Education, and Cambridge Assessment English.

IELTS is intended to evaluate universal English ability in a narrow context; and, when compared to other types of tests, it leans toward British English (in general, there are also types of American-English). As a result, IELTS is frequently utilized as one of the benchmarks for visa applications in countries where English is the primary language.

What Are The Types of IELTS Tests Available in Malaysia?

A worldwide exceptional professionals creates the IELTS test content by undergoing intensive study.  This is to guarantee that the test remains equal and objective to the partaker, not to project prejudice to nationality, ethnicity, age, style, or region.

1. IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training

IELTS Academic is designed for the undergraduate or post-graduate students who are applying for the student visa. While IELTS General Training is for general purposes related to immigration activities.

2.IELTS for UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI)

This test is the same as the IELTS test above, but this one is designed explicitly for visa applications with specific needs to countries in the United Kingdom.

How much does IELTS cost in Malaysia?

To find out more about the IELTS test in Malaysia, below, we will try to summarize the prices for each IELTS exam Malaysia.

No. Types of IELTS Test Cost
1. IELTS Academic and General MYR 795
2. IELTS for UKVI MYR 895

Why You Should Take IELTS test?

There are several reasons why the IELTS exam Malaysia is relevant and necessary for Malaysians to take:

  • Accepted by over 11,000 officials worldwide. Because IELTS has become one of the world’s most prominent standardized English proficiency tests, it is not surprising if various institutions widely accept their certifications, both government officials and other global/international agencies.
  • Assess thoroughly. With a design that is so efficient as a result of the performance and efforts of experts as well as academics in English assessment, IELTS is more than able to measure English proficiency thoroughly.
  • Spread around the globe. Due to its success and popularity, IELTS is undoubtedly in great demand by many parties. As a result, IELTS is easy to find in various regions of many countries: making it easy to access.

Structure of IELTS Exam Malaysia

Listening Test

Listening test is this first test of IELTS Malaysia. You will be asked to respond to questions after listening to several audio recordings. Since the recording will only be played once, make sure to pay great attention! This portion has a time limit of 30 minutes, plus an additional 10 minutes for writing down your responses. This section's questions are all equally important.

Reading Test

The reading and writing components of the IELTS Academic and General Training examinations are different. You will be given a number of passages to read for the IELTS Academic reading exam, and you will then respond to a total of 40 questions based on these sections. This section has a variety of question formats, so your response may be a brief written response or a multiple-choice question. This phase will take you 60 minutes to complete, and each question is equally important.

Writing Test

This test consists of two tasks, each of which is given a certain amount of time. The first portion, which requires you to compose a 150-word descriptive essay, has a 20-minute time limit. You have 40 minutes to produce a 250-word essay for the second portion. Since the second portion carries twice as much weight as the first, try your best there. This implies that your success in the second segment will have a greater impact on your test's overall result.

Speaking Test

The speaking evaluation takes the form of an interview. This test consists of three sections. You will be given broad questions on a well-known subject in the first exercise. The questions in the subsequent exercises will be centered on a certain subject. Prior to giving more specific responses, make sure to address the subject. It will take roughly 15 minutes to finish this section.

Is taking the IELTS difficult?

is taking IELTS difficult

As a test that measures language proficiency, there is no such benchmark for passing the test. The score results will be categorized in certain ranges, which can later be interpreted as needed.

The IELTS test score range, also known as the band score, usually will be compared with the measurements provided by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages. Four language skills will be tested on IELTS: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The more you can give a satisfactory answer, the higher the score you will get. To better understand it, you can see the table below.


IELTS band scores



Proficient User






Independent User









Basic User



Is IELTS the same as MUET?

MUET, or the Malaysian University English Test, is fairly different from the IELTS exam Malaysia. There is no need to discuss obvious things such as the organizer, the scope covered, implementation, costs, methods of analysis and interpretation of results, expiration period, etc., which, of course, will be very different. But the most crucial thing to criticize is the two tests’ purpose.

MUET is explicitly intended for students who wish to pursue higher levels of education. It makes MUET designed as a test that assesses the English language ‘for specific purposes’, specifically for academics. So the measured English ability is limited to knowing how far the test takers’ proficiency can support their academic life. It differs from IELTS, designed to measure English as the language of instruction – IELTS looks at the overall English language proficiency aspect.

How Can You Study for IELTS in Malaysia?

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IELTS Malaysia: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age restriction for taking IELTS test ?

Although there is no upper age restriction for taking the IELTS Malaysia, it is advised that candidates be at least 16 years old.

How can I receive my IELTS results?

You can pick up your exam results in person if you took a paper version. You may verify your test results here if you took a computer-delivered exam. You should save your results because IELTS will only keep them online for 90 days.

IELTS Malaysia 2022 Exam Dates

The IELTS test is offered three to four times every month. This indicates that the exam may be taken at any time during the week. IELTS is quite well-liked, though, so it's advised that you sign up a few weeks before you plan to take the test.

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