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Aunty or Auntie which is correct English Grammar Spelling

Aunty or Auntie: Which is correct?

Have you ever wondered which is the correct spelling: ‘Aunty or Auntie’?

The words “aunty” and “auntie”, which are both versions of the word “aunt,” are used to refer to a relative who shares some genetics with the user and the ladies who normally come on special events like parties, and celebrations, though if they live nearby, they might do it more regularly. They are your mother’s sisters, your father’s sister, and your uncle’s wife.

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How to use former and latter in the sentence?

Oftentimes you catch the words former and latter in technical writings, these are very helpful as they give a sense of direction and a reference to readers. But this is something you don’t hear in daily conversation because it is weird and uncommon, plus it will confuse the listener as they have to remember who or what you are referring to when you use former or latter during the talk. Now let’s see what the former and latter mean and how we can use them in the sentence.

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How to Use the Words “Swap,” “Switch,” “Change,” and “Exchange” Correctly?

There has been a lot of confusion around the words switch, swap exchange and change. Usually it is for new English learners who seem to have a hard time differentiating these words and using them in the right situation. But don’t worry if you have the same problem this article will make it crystal clear for you how to use these keywords correctly.