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January 5th, 2022Owens Ooi

Aunty or Auntie: The Correct Meaning Explained

Aunty or Auntie ? Do You Know The Difference ?

  Aunty or Auntie?

Have you ever wondered which is the correct spelling: 'Aunty or Auntie'?


The words "aunty" and "auntie", which are both versions of the word "aunt," are used to refer to a relative who shares some genetics with the user and the ladies who normally come on special events like parties, and celebrations, though if they live nearby, they might do it more regularly. They are your mother's sisters, your father's sister, and your uncle's wife.

What is Aunty ?

"Aunty" is a more affectionate way to address an aunt.The term "aunty", which is more commonly used in British English. To be more specifically, It is a less formal way of addressing an older woman who is typically a person's genetic relative.

What is Auntie ?

Despite the fact that the term "Auntie" is more commonly used in American English, it has the same meaning with "Aunty". It's also a more casual way of referring to an older woman who is typically a person's genetic relative. However, compare to "Aunty", "Auntie" can be used in a more casual sense.

Detailed Explaining: Aunty or Auntie


In terms of English spelling, "aunty" and "aunties" are both accepted. The differences between -y and -ie are often used in English to address endearing or familiar names. For instance, you can call your mum's best friend, auntie Mary and you will have a closer relationship than you have with aunt Lisa. The differences between "aunty" and "auntie" could determined by little suffix. Sometimes, the original word "aunt" sounds a bit sharp and emotionless. Therefore, suffixes 'y' and 'ie' will make them feel more relaxed and add extra emotion to express how we feel towards that person.


The terms aunty and auntie are merely slang for the word aunt. You can categorized the words auntie as the informal one, while , aunty is the formal one.


Both "Aunty" and "Auntie" are singular nouns and they make their plural form as evert other regular noun.

Conclusion: Meaning and Differences

In a nutshell, the words 'Aunty and Auntie' doesn't have any differences as the meaning of the word is also same.

Examples To Use "Aunty" or "Auntie"

  • I have come to drop this parcel for your daughter, Aunty .
  • Hello auntie Jane, looks like you have cooked something delicious for dinner tonight.
  • I went to a concert with my mum and aunty today.
  • A dear auntie who will be very much missed.


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