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Learn face-to-face with our expert tutor online, or choose to engage in the physical study group for better peer influence.

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Intensive English Programme (IEP)


“Your Passport to the Future”

IEP Intensive English Program – Held by CELTA Qualified Native Teachers
Duration: 1 Hour per class
Schedule: 5 Days per week
Age Group: 16 and above

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A comprehensive package with highly motivating and practical English lessons.

Our Intensive English Programme (IEP) is to provide English learners by offering intensive courses designed to support English language skills for academic studies.

Duration: Customizable

See our Bring a Peer-Group Experience Program for a 30-80% discount!
Share the class with willing learners.

RM 99 /hour (1 Pax Private class)
RM 198 RM95 /hour (for 2 Pax)
RM 297 RM85 /hour (for 3 Pax)
RM 396 RM70 /hour (for 3 Pax)

[Unlock lowered price with English group study.]

*Installments valid for 12 Hours of English Class.

Experience incredible classes and outcomes in with us in Kuala Lumpur or flexibly Online, anytime and when you desire.

  • Diverse methods to interact with your private tutor.
  • Cost-effective
  • Customizable study atmosphere.
  • Student-friendly, progress checks, and learn at your pace.
  • International cultural exchange between teachers and students.

If you feel a lack of deeper connection in daily English exchange with friends and companions, chances are, you need real-life situations, more resources, and materials to enhance your spontaneous reaction to unlimited scenarios.

Intensive debates, witty responses, profound statements and countless opportunities.
Our Customizable English Class Online can be chosen to study in Individual or Group, you can switch the settings whenever you are comfortable progressing independently or thirst for social connection.

The individual learns distinctly different, the majority of people improve significantly when they find belongingness in the study group. After that, independent revision can prove rather effective than in groups; with endless references from movies, interviews, podcasts and more.

The class will aim to present you as a confident English speaker with no country and background boundary, making international fusion a borderless event.

Language used in class/teaching.

  • English Language
  • Products / Service inclusions
  • Student advisors will arrange your outline and schedule.




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Our English teachers are certified in both CELTA and TESOL and boast many years of teaching experience in both Business English and Communicative English.

Our Business English class comes with Audio CDs tracks to allow you to practise before and after class and maximise retention of what you have learnt. Our video lessons are a great complement to face-to-face lessons as you can watch them anytime you are available! The focus of our Business English course is to improve your English Grammar, Vocabulary, Adjectives and Pronunciation. We pay special attention to verbs, verb tenses, punctuation and adverbs that are essential to mastering written Business English. Business email writing or meeting minutes writing will be practised during our Business English lessons in Singapore.

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