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Learn face-to-face with our expert tutor online, or choose to engage in the physical study group for better peer influence.

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Customizable English Class Online (Individual/Group)


Become our V.I.P student because you deserve nothing less.

Customizable English Class Online (Individual/Group) – Tailor Made Course based on your needs & objectives
Duration: Customizable (Study at your most convenient time)
Schedule: Customizable (Study at your most convenient time)
Age Group: 16 and above

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Become our V.I.P student
because you deserve nothing less.

Customizable English Class Online (Individual/Group) – Tailor Made Course to your needs & goals.

Highly Customizable (Study at your most convenient time)

Flexible by arrangement (Study at your most convenient time)

Age Group:
16 and above

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, be willing to do more and become more, you are a leader”.

V.I.P Prime course can be completely customised by students. Ideal for students who wish to take the premium route to English success through personalized one-to-one tuition.

Working with your own personal teacher, you will identify the specific language areas and skills that you wish to improve and create your own exclusive learning program journey.

Experience incredible classes and outcomes in with us in Kuala Lumpur or flexibly Online, anytime and when you desire.

  • Diverse methods to interact with your private tutor.
  • Cost-effective
  • Customizable study atmosphere.
  • Student-friendly, progress checks, and learn at your pace.
  • International cultural exchange between teachers and students.

You will polish your English practical skill in the areas of reading, Writing skills, Speaking, Listening, Grammar, and vocabulary to:

  1. Be skilled in examining English papers.
  2. Analyze story elements.
  3. Interpret plots, concepts, and messages.
  4. Make captivating storytelling.
  5. Critical thinking from an English perspective.
  6. Master everyday English.
  7. Train fast thinking ability.
  8. Deliver well-structured speech.

Online Customizable English Class Specialty and Learning Outcome:

  • Teacher design your course pathway.
  • Guide your strength and weakness to develop a Study Plan.
  • Start interesting conversations with anyone.
  • Expressive interactions, ideas, and emotions.
  • Individuals’ English skills evaluation.
  • Highlight areas of opportunity.
  • Scalable education tailored to student goals and desired grades.
  • Shape a person into a competent second-language English speaker.

What is required to join the Online English class?

  1. Notebook or personal computer
  2. Built-in or auxiliary camera.
  3. Internal or connected microphone.
  4. Stable Internet connection.
  5. Printer for assignment and visualized subjects.

The Coverage of General English in Practical Learning.

  1. Critical analysis and table meeting.
  2. Outlining an action strategy.
  3. Narrative point of view – from First person to third person perspective.
  4. Collective Bargaining styles.
  5. Establish common ground and agreement.
  6. Handle and control criticism.
  7. Exhibit a good flow of project discussions.
  8. Sharing analyzed data and intel.

The online private English instructors at Big Ben Academy are committed to your learning goals and will keep you moving toward proficiency.




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Our English teachers are certified in both CELTA and TESOL and boast many years of teaching experience in both Business English and Communicative English.

Our Business English class comes with Audio CDs tracks to allow you to practise before and after class and maximise retention of what you have learnt. Our video lessons are a great complement to face-to-face lessons as you can watch them anytime you are available! The focus of our Business English course is to improve your English Grammar, Vocabulary, Adjectives and Pronunciation. We pay special attention to verbs, verb tenses, punctuation and adverbs that are essential to mastering written Business English. Business email writing or meeting minutes writing will be practised during our Business English lessons in Singapore.

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