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Join the English Speaking Club

English Club – Face-to-Face & Online by Native Speakers
Duration: 1hour
Schedule : Four classes per week
Age group : 18 and above

*Value pack for groups  ( Minimum 5 students per group )

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Join the English Speaking Club

English Club – Face-to-Face & Online with Native Speakers and eager Students

1 hour

Class Schedule:
4 classes per week

Age group:
18 and above

*Value pack for groups (Minimum 5 students per group)

Love English? Great! You’ll love this Club — we’ve got loads planned.

The goal of this English club being introduced is to bring together like-minded people. With similar interest, our (Cambridge English For Life) CEFL-certified native teacher will improve everyone’s speaking skills and boost their confidence by experimenting alongside native speakers on a spectrum of themes.

The contents help students relate to their social life, allowing us to socialise better and effortlessly across an English-speaking community.

  1. Free Placement Test to determine your level
  2. Highly interactive class
  3. Classes conducted by Native Teachers
  4. Social and functional topics
  5. Grammar and vocabulary session with friends!
  6. Practical activities to improve speaking and listening skills

Ask us about our *English Club Value pack!
(Required a minimum of 5 students)
Make progress while learning with passionate students together.

Our English Social clubs welcome a group of students who take English learning as part of their life and goal to get better. Our certified teacher will take the lead in organizing activities related to English learning, providing enjoyable topics to students’ voted content such as movies, novels, and fantasy books. Watch, ask questions, read, and learn together.

The student of English clubs exchanges their knowledge, talents, and ideas for the benefit of the community.

Yet, the direction will be steered by our expert teachers when they are lost and in need of lights.

Your club can see an English-language movie together at a theatre, go on a hike, or attend a concert to watch an English-language band.

Another idea is to visit a museum with an English-speaking guide. If club members enjoy writing, collect English-language essays, stories, or poetry that they write.
Online, anytime and when you desire.

  • Roleplay a Job Interviews, Forums, and Roundtables.
  • Free Speeches by Individuals/Groups
  • Commentaries and topics of study
  • English Refresher Session
  • Breakdown English Songs in all genre
  • Learn about any Movies by vote; history, documentaries, etc.

You will polish your English practical skill in the areas of reading, Writing skills, Speaking, Listening, Grammar, and vocabulary by learning together with a community that has the same goal – that is to achieve English fluency and mastery.

The English Club in Practical Learning Matter.

  1. Writing and Talking Opportunity
  2. Properties of speech and Accent
  3. A professional line of English Applications – Conferences, Job Guides
  4. Metaphors, Riddles, and Plays in Modern English
  5. Academic case studies from different fields.

Big Ben Academy’s online private English tutors are dedicated to your learning objectives and will keep you on track to success.




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Our English teachers are certified in both CELTA and TESOL and boast many years of teaching experience in both Business English and Communicative English.

Our Business English class comes with Audio CDs tracks to allow you to practise before and after class and maximise retention of what you have learnt. Our video lessons are a great complement to face-to-face lessons as you can watch them anytime you are available! The focus of our Business English course is to improve your English Grammar, Vocabulary, Adjectives and Pronunciation. We pay special attention to verbs, verb tenses, punctuation and adverbs that are essential to mastering written Business English. Business email writing or meeting minutes writing will be practised during our Business English lessons in Singapore.

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