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Arash July 14, 2021 14:30

Kindly and please: Is it correct to use both together?

Some people are very sensitive to the way you talk. A misuse of a word may make them feel offended, and they may think you are being rude. Using the right combination of keywords is something important to spend time on if you are willing to learn English flawlessly and without creating any misunderstanding or confusion. We often want to be super polite, and for that reason it happens that we try to pick all the nice words together in a sentence to make sure nothing goes wrong in the conversation, for instance, switching switch vs swap or using kindly and please together in the sentence, which is what we're going to discuss in this article to see if it's correct to do so.

To better grasp the idea, let’s check out the direct translation of kindly and please.

  • Please
  • Used in polite questions and requests (adverb). For example: Please close the door.

  • Kindly
  • To express your feelings or requests in a kind and warm-hearted manner. For example: Kindly fill out this form.

Now that we know that both kindly and please are used for positive vibe and polite conversation, it’s time to see whether we can use kindly and please both together to make our conversation even more polite.

Using both "kindly" and "please" in a sentence is wrong, and it may sound awkward.

For example, when you want to ask your colleague politely to not speak loudly on the phone, if you turn to help and say , John please kindly don’t shout on the phone!

The right time and place to use kindly and please

  • Proper use of "kindly"
  • "Kindly" is used when you are talking to a group of people or writing for someone . Never ever say kindly to your friends, family, or directly to a person, this is going to sound weird. Try to use it in formal emails, like "The meeting starts at 2 pm, kindly bring your laptop." Also, if you are a tour leader and you have a microphone, you want to inform everyone to kindly be back at the station before lunch time. In all these cases, you can substitute "please" with "kindly," but do not use both.

  • Proper use of "please"
  • For the word "please," it's actually used for both formal and informal conversation , Sometimes not using this word can trigger misunderstanding between two people, because your tone may sound rude and harsh, even though you are not really feeling that way, so for that reason, it’s best to add the word "please" so that you always sound polite. And don’t forget to smile.

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