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Arash July 21, 2021 15:30

How to Learn English faster and smarter

If you can read this then you probably are not a new learner but you want to know if there is any practical method that helps you learn more efficiently, the good news is there are some proven methods that actually work, and ofcourse you love to speak like a native this is your end goal, we will have that covered for you also in this article.

Learning from movies

Some people suggest that for more effective learning you should constantly watch English movies to improve your english but that depends. First of all, if you don’t understand a word then what is the point here? If you spend 100 hours on movies as a beginner then I can guarantee that you have wasted all that time.
So the best practice before going for this approach is to make sure that you have memorized a handful of words beforehand. As a beginner you should at least know 500 words , if you know less than that then don’t even bother to watch movies.

Don’t memorize the words

One of the biggest mistakes and the most waste of time in learning English is to take a dictionary and start to memorize the words. Learning takes time, every word should be cooked in your mind, you should see a new word in a sentence and learn how to use it in the conversation.

It's even better to guess the meaning rather than looking it up in the dictionary. That is how you will remember new words over time, remember you need to learn a new language over time. You can’t decide to memorize 1000 words in one week and start talking like a native.

Don’t be a good listener

If you have a conversation with someone who can speak better English than you, especially if they are native English speaker they won’t let you to talk and most of the time they will do the talking, even worse than that the person who speaks English better than you will sound more logical and is always correct, because you can not catch up with the speed of the argument.

So my advice to you is to not sit there and listen all the time, you should cut the conversation and do your part in the talking, usually talkative people they learn English faster, because they selfishly talk even though they are not properly using words or grammar but because they are practicing and practicing over time they become faster language learners, so don’t let others steal this opportunity from you, engage yourself in the conversation and don’t be a good listener only.

Be in a group

Not only for learning English but for many things in life doing things alone will just slow down your progress and there is a higher chance that you make bigger mistakes. Being in a network of English learners helps you to also learn from others' mistakes and answer questions. You may ask how can I join any group that best fits me?

There are many ways you can do that, the cheapest way is to become a member in English forums and learn from the topics or even open a new topic yourself, you can try this English forum one for example. Other ways you can download apps where like minded people are there for networking. FluentU is a good example where you can try for free.

After all, you must know that there is no magic wand to turn you into a one-day English learner. You need to give it some time and effort to learn efficiently, be consistent and continuously practice, don’t take a long break in learning, this will set you back and you have to relearn again. Remember inside your brain the neurons have to create new connections for every new word you learn, this connection is like a tiny string. If you keep practicing, this string becomes thicker and thicker to the extent that you won’t easily forget, same as your mother tongue language.

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