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8 Instant Techniques to Level up Your English Proficiency

How can I improve my English proficiency

English proficiency level improvememt

English proficiency is without a doubt, a highly sought-after language as the main communication has taken heavy usage and is widely spread across Europe and Southeast Asia.

English as a second language speaker has demonstrated the likelihood of being offered better opportunities, jobs, and education in life.
If you are not a native speaker who uses English as the first language, you may find yourself required to sit IELTS or TOEFL exam to qualify to study abroad.

It's challenging to master a second or foreign language rapidly to write and speak in an advanced and confident manner.
Here are 8 surefire ideas you can incorporate right away to become polished and expressive. Remember to always stay determined for steady input.

  • Binge-watching favorite English TV Shows

  • Get on your watchlist, fill them in with your prefered genre of movies, documentaries, or dramas. Getting yourself to the topics surrounding your interest will certainly boost your learning curve as you indulge.
    The storyline regardless of classic vintage and modern screenplays can really make learning English fun and enjoyable! Streaming media nowadays offer an ocean of categories such as Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-fi, Comedy, etc.

  • Stay relevant - English Breaking News and Headlines

  • Consume a depth of English news publishings, magazines, and copies. The more diverse your reader digest expands, the better trained your reading comprehension will be.
    On top of that, constant views of eye-catching headlines will increase your vocabulary and familiarity.

    As the officials have set a strict standard on English language copy, you will absorb the English context and application in real life. The plus side? You will learn what's happening and trending in society and gain conversation in social settings.

  • Build your essential Vocabulary pool

  • Use your electronic devices to study smart and hard. Make note of new words or phrases you encounter often but keep forgetting, these flashcards app can serve you the purpose. Familiarize their change of meaning and application, such habit will keep you sharp.

    We did a breakdown helpful explanations and more of that. You may have seen "kindly" and "please" occurring together, but how to use it, is that a proper English sentence?

  • Talk is Cheap, Just Do It

  • It doesn't cost you your life to talk, but as a learner aiming to grow, keep going and keep talking is so underrated. You have seen excellent students scoring high on exam papers, but reality hits hard when it comes to conversation.
    That is because you have:

  1. Lack of output

  2. Your output will be as good as the inputs, without output, your inner memory cannot be consumed into your own word, thus losing the freshness and best time to captivate the knowledge and materials.

  3. To Speak Practical English

  4. Do not dwell any word of the day that is out of your reign and rarely used. To start on the right track, focus on conversational English, that's what matters cruising daily. If you had to pick your poison, pick the one that helps you achieve something in the suffering!

  5. Absence of Curiosity to Question

  6. Reading will surely help progress, but good students are those who seek clarity without boundaries.

    As Albert Einstein quoted:
    Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
    You will find answers and knowledge more often when you never settle for one answer as it gradually scales your critical thinking skill.

Learning English can be Fun and Interesting

We can't stress this enough, you have to stay driven and love the process of foreign language learning. Seek fun activities for your academics, theatres, roleplaying, games, etc. Anything that piques your interest can propel momentum in your journey.

Long-term investments like learning a new language can be daunting, but the reward is lifelong.

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